What’s in My Bag?: Health and Beauty

Sonali Blair & Maeve Downs


WHAT’S IN MY BAG?: Health and Beauty

Winter Edition

Maeve Downs & Sonali Blair 

Around this time of year–especially in Colorado–the weather becomes extreme and the temperatures drop drastically. It’s not always easy to adapt to the season change, as it also happens to have negative effects on your wellness! You may experience a loss of motivation to put your best foot forward or maybe are struggling with dry skin and hair. However, we have some advice to combat the winter-time blues!

On the go!

The following products are things we keep around to stay fresh amidst the chilly temps!

Rated #1 by consumers 

Aquaphor- multipurpose use, can be applied to any dry or rough areas (including cuticles, hands, elbows, etc.) Makes for a long-lasting, reliable, and cost-friendly solution!






Ulta Beauty $2.99


“Smith’s Rosebud Salve has been around, as well as popular, since 1892. The reason I’m obsessed is because of the rose smell and the longevity of the product! Although the texture of the salve is quite thick, it leaves my lips glossy and never waxy or sticky.  Like Aquaphor, it can be used on other irritated areas of the body.”

~Opinion from our very own Maeve Downs, journalist 


Sephora $7.00




From Vogues, “A Cheater’s Guide to Good Hair: 12 Products for Rehabbing Everything from Static Frizz to Split Ends” this product is the perfect travel companion. You can apply whenever to camouflage split ends and add a natural luster. 




Living Proof Restore Instant Protection, Ulta $26 


Mario Badescu has been on the rise in popularity and is still rising. 

“I absolutely love it because it acts as both a facial spray and a makeup setter. It is really refreshing in the morning and at night before bed.”

~Opinion on the product from Soni Blair, journalist

Using this throughout the day will help improve your skin even more too! It boosts the hydration of your skin while also able to be used on dry hair to add moisture to your hair. 



Ulta $7.00


Tony Moly is a Korean beauty brand who’s known for extremely cute packaging, along with reasonable pricing. They have a range of masks existing in virtually any beauty store . The wide range of masks can target specific skin concerns; furthermore, for winter we’d recommend any product of theirs that specifically nourishes, moisturizes, or boosts elasticity.




Ulta $3.50


These makeup wipes are so useful during the winter because they’re both delicate on the skin and use all-natural ingredients–99.9% is made up of natural ingredients. They will keep your skin moist and will also take off your makeup no problem!  These wipes will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent that dry face everyone seems to find after using other make-up remover products. 


Walgreens, Target, and Ulta; around $2.99

How cold weather affects your hair…

Hair and Scalp tips:  

Your hair becomes stripped of its natural glow this time of year, the following tips will assist any kind of mane. 

  1.  Try a hair treatment weekly: Something worth committing to is putting time aside to deep condition or apply a mask to your locks. Invest in a nice conditioner that you can let set in your hair for at least ten minutes while you’re washing or simply do a DIY hair mask that aims for supple hydration. If you don’t have time during the day, there is also the option of using a serum before you go to bed. Serums range in prices, but it should be oil-based to retain extra moisture. 
  2.  Switch up your wash routine: In the winter, it is extremely tempting to take a steamy shower after a cold day. However, the hot water strips hair of its natural oils. Also, it can cause dandruff, as your scalp is extra sensitive during this time and the hot water can cause irritation. Another tip to combat dry scalp is skipping the shampoo occasionally. If you experience dandruff you can use a shampoo specifically to rid of the flakes and leave your scalp moisturized. 
  3.  Use silk pillowcases: Silk is beneficial for skin and hair, especially in the winter, due to its ability to reduce friction during sleep. In the hair, it reduces the damage you experience while you toss and turn at night while allowing for natural oils to remain in your strands. Additionally, as hair tends to be frizzy and static, your hair glides over silk at night, leaving you with little to no bed head. The true definition of beauty sleep! 
  4.  Try to avoid leaving the house with wet hair: It’s a struggle to walk out the door every day with perfectly clean and dry hair! If you’re not categorized as a morning person, I suggest showering as soon as you get home in the evening. This is because your hair is extremely susceptible to damage when it is wet, therefore, exposing it to the cold can lead to breakage. 
  5.  Don’t over style: As hair becomes naturally dried out in the winter, high heat being used exacerbates the conditions. You definitely shouldn’t shy away from getting a blowout or rocking a going-out look but it’s necessary to at least use a heat protectant.  
  6.  Use dry shampoo for hat hair: We can’t prevent the cold or the numerous layers of clothing that come with it. That cute beanie that keeps you warm can seriously flatten your hair! Something that you should always keep nearby is a travel size dry shampoo. When dealing with some scary hat hair, apply generously, and your look will voluminous and fresh!


How cold weather affects your skin…

Cold weather can leave your skin dry, itchy and irritated. Cold and dry weather can leave your skin feeling raw while walking into a hot environment, such as your home, can take away the moisture from the air, leaving the air equally dry which would affect your skin in the end.  

Typical winter activities such as sitting by a cozy fire can also make your skin dryer, according to the “American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes.” Even a hot shower deprives you of nice and healthy skin because it strips you of your natural oils, unfortunately resulting in dry skin. 


Tips to prevent dry skin!

Everyone’s skin is unique and has different needs! Therefore, it’s hard (considering that we are not dermatologist☺️) to recommend products for specific needs. However, we can suggest to you what routines are advisable during the winter to shed a dry and dull complexion! 

  1. You could invest in a humidifier: having a humidifier run in your office or house will help prevent that dry air from harming your skin. Make sure to put one in the rooms that you spend the most time–your bedroom should be the main one!
  2. Lower the temperature in your house: even though the first thing you want to do is raise the thermostat to a higher temperature in order to mask the cold from outside, a higher temperature and hotter atmosphere can make the air even drier. Unbelievable right! Try setting the temperature to a comfortable yet not too hot temperature with a range of 68 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  3. Do not spend too much time in the shower, especially if it very hot water: try to limit your time in the shower as well as lower the temperature because, yet again, very hot climates can dry your skin even more.  Make sure your showers are lukewarm and last around 5-10 minutes–this also saves the environment! A win, win situation right?! Make sure to also wash your hands in cool water. It has been proven that cool water is as effective as warm water when removing germs. If your hands are turning too red from how hot the water is, that is too hot. If you’re using a hand-dryer make sure to dry your hands to the point that they are damp rather than dry. 
  4.  Look for fragrance-free soaps and cleansers: soaps that contain fragrance can potentially cause irritation and this leads to dryness. Make sure to look for soaps and cleansers that do not contain a scent and are fragrance-free. 
  5.  Modify your skincare routine: by modifying your skincare routine for the winter, you can prevent dry skin more easily because this routine is specifically for preventing dry skin. According to EverydayHealth, “choose cream-based cleansers, and apply toners and astringents sparingly…” in order to prevent that dry skin.  
  6.  Apply sunscreen even on winter days: snow has a high albedo so applying sunscreen even on those droopy winter days can help prevent dry skin and risk of too much exposure. When on the slopes, sledding or simply walking outside, make sure to apply sunscreen in order to prevent that potential radiation exposure. Make sure the SPF is 15 and above as well!

If you have further questions or want to figure out what type of skin you have, you can take the following quiz, this can guide your research for any personal questions you may have! 

This quiz will give you product options for skin concerns you have!


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