Important Beginner Snowboard Tricks

Bailey Langhans, Journalist

With the early snow in Colorado, many ski resorts are opening and everyone is ready to go to the mountains. It is a new season which means people can learn a lot of new skills. If you are a snowboarder who is ready to start trying tricks, here are some beginner tricks for you.



The most important and first trick that you need to learn is an “Ollie.” This trick can be used anywhere and is the foundation for almost every other trick that you can learn. First, you shift your weight to your back leg, then jump with your front leg raising first. Finally even out in the air then land parallel to the ground with more weight on your back foot.



An “Indy” is one of the most basic grabs that you can do on your board. To start on this trick you first have to do an ollie off a jump. Then when you are in the air you take your backhand and grab the toe edge of your board in between your bindings. Finally, you let go and land smoothly. If this grab is easy for you, another grab similar to this one is a mute grab. This is the same as an Indy but you grab to board with your front hand instead of your backhand



If grabs are not your style than you could also try some tricks on boxes and rails. A 50-50 is a simple skill that you need for all boxes and rails. To do this trick you simply head straight for the box, jump on, and ride it straight until you jump off the end. You can use this trick on all types of rails and boxes once you get better at it. Although for your first box it is best to choose a short one that is wide and low to the ground.



Image result for tail press"

You can do a press almost anywhere such as on a box, on a rail or simply on the ground. A press is when you lean a certain way to put weight on the back or front of your board to do a tail or nose press. Then you try to hold that for as long as you can and keep riding. This is a useful tool to use for other harder tricks such as a butter where you rotate on your tail or nose end.



If you want to start rotating off jumps, a shifty is a good start before you make a full rotation. This trick can also be useful to make your grabs look more stylish. A shifty is when you rotate 90 degrees in the air and then shift back to land going forward the same direction that you jumped off.



Image result for 180 snowboarding"

Once you feel comfortable with a shifty, the first rotation that you need to learn is a 180. For this trick, you must be good at riding switch so that you can start or land on your switch side. When you do a 180 you shift your board 180 degrees in the air and land with the opposite foot facing forward. Once you get a 180 down then you can try the other three. There are four types of 180s frontside, backside, half-cab and a backside half-cab.


Tricks take time to learn, so take it slow and be safe. Make sure that you always wear a helmet to reduce the effects of a head injury. There is not only one way to do tricks so add your own style to it and have fun. I hope that you have a great season on the slopes!