Our Town Play Re-Cap


Grace McClung , Journalist

Last week, the South High Student Theater put on a production of “Our Town”, a play written by Thorton Wilder about life, love, and death. The two hour play follows the Webb and the Gibb families as they live their lives in the small New Hampshire town of Grover’s Corners during the early 1900s. In it, the families are focused on as they interact with the other residents and go about daily business. Two of the children, Emily Webb and George Gibb, become friends and begin to think about their future. Over the years, Emily and George are brought closer together and they eventually marry and leave their families. The happiness doesn’t last long though as Emily soon dies during childbirth only to come back as a ghost. During this time, she relives her twelfth birthday and ponders her existence as family members come to pay their respects. The play ends with Emily coming to the conclusion that living people take the time they have for granted and never truly see the importance of life and each other. 

The Theater students did a great job of communicating this message and making the characters come to life. According to sophomore Sammy Lowenthal, “You can tell a lot of hard work went into this play. The actors were really good.” This play took over two months to produce which was reflected in the students’ acting skills. Maya Kitei, a freshman on the Theater team who played a townsperson, said, “I think the play went really well. Everyone was so talented and worked super hard to make this play come to life. The cast and crew are spectacular! They are super supportive and are like a second family to me.” And even though the play is a huge commitment, all the theater students said they had a lot of fun. “The outcome and support that comes from everyone will be worth it in the end,” said Maya. 

What really stood out to me personally was the talent the actors showed; they all used accents to fit the time period and made it seem real. The costumes and set were very creative and added to the feeling of the time period as well. The narrator also interacted with the audience and helped to tell the story in an engaging way. Overall, theater did an amazing job on the production of “Our Town”. 

Make sure to come to Theater’s next play, Mama Mia, in the Spring!