Things Only People with Food Allergies Understand

Catalina Kerwin, Journalist

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  • Allergies are a serious health issue, not just a preference or an attempt to lose weight 
  • Just because you don’t see the reaction doesn’t mean it’s not there
  • When you get your “special” food taken by friends because gluten free pretzels taste better then normal pretzels
  • We remind ourselves how much we will suffer from an allergic reaction every day
  • Surprise food gifts are the the worst
  • We have all eaten the surprise food to make someone else happy and suffered for days
  • Eating out is more work then it’s worth
  • You had to give away most of your Halloween haul
  • When the teacher brings snacks for the whole class that you can’t eat
  • Holiday meals are a special kind of hell for you



Food allergies are very inconvenient, but it is important to see the positives in everything. For one, we are experts at reading labels and are basically nutritionists without paying thousands to get a major in college. Most of the time we don’t have to read labels because we have a mental list of “safe” foods and “don’t do it” foods. It is heartbreaking when our teacher brings the class a treat that we can’t eat. Despite the heartbreak, we still claim our snack to distribute evenly among our friends. Finally, we eat less dairy, wheat, nuts, etc. and overall eat more sustainable fresh food. We are healthier and reduce our carbon footprint without even trying!