How to Stay Upbeat and Motivated When the Weather Becomes More Grey in Winter


Gargoyle Advice Staff

Dear Reader,

I get it, seasonal depression can get to the best of people. When the sky is grey and the air is cold, you just want to curl up in bed and never leave your room. You’re energy lowers, you start craving carbs for some reason (That is actually one of the symptoms, believe it or not), and you simply feel sluggish. Sunlight offers us so many vitamins that improve our mood and mental health, that when it goes away sometimes our bodies don’t know how to react. But anyway, I’m sure the science behind why you’re unmotivated aren’t as interesting as the solution. So what can you do? 

I would recommend to do things that force you to be active. Just find a club or sport that you love, and commit to it. Personally, when I get home from school during the cold months, all I want to do is crawl into bed and go to sleep. However, I always force myself to do some form of exercise. Whether that be running, roller derby, or yoga, it pumps up my endorphins and makes me feel happier and more alive. Another thing is get out of the house and change your setting. Don’t spend all weekend hiding in your room with your blinds drawn shut. Instead, go out; and no I don’t mean to a party or a super active area, (however, if you’re an extreme extrovert than go for it). I mean go to your local coffee shop, or a cute library, maybe you’re neighborhoods recreational center and just chill. I prefer to go to a small little coffee shop, drink some warm water with lemon (try it, your liver and skin will thank you immensely) and study my heart out. Something cute to do is imagine that you’re in a quintessential holiday Hallmark movie and make the most out of the grey winter outside. Curl up in a corner in an active place with your favorite sweater, put on some of your favorite music I recommend Mxmtoon or Willow, and just daydream. 

Now about staying motivated at school; find more motivation to study. Everyone says “study to get good grades”, therefore that reason becomes repetitive and almost meaningless. People need instant gratification to get things done. It can be more or less prominent in different peoples personalities, but it is there in everyone. So study to learn. That instant gratification of learning something new will make you feel absolutely fulfilled. Moreover, that feeling of a really hard concept finally clicking is like euphoria to students, so seek it. Make learning fun.

Now that is just an example of one aspect of your life to stay motivated with. Other things in your life could be different, but the same formula applies. Just remember to take care of your mind and body during these cold months. You are precious, and so is your soul, so nurture yourself.