What to Do on Halloween

What to Do on Halloween

Are you looking to squeeze in a last minute Halloween activity before the end of the Halloween season? Here are 6 Halloween attractions going on around Denver:

  1. Fright Fest at Elitches 

Fright Fest at Elitches mixes theme park thrills with Halloween spirit and makes for a fun day or night. With their Family by Day and Fright by Night festivities, Fright Fest is perfect for the whole family. Hosted by the Enigma, the sideshow performer who has undergone extensive body modifications, Fright Fest has three haunted house attractions including No Vacancy ($15 per person), Big Top Freaks ($15 per person) and Séance ($8 per person). According to sophomore Bailey Langhans, “I think it was really fun and the clown haunted house they had was really good and pretty good quality especially for Elitches and it was fun having people chase you around with chainsaws.” Most roller coasters and rides are open as well as food vendors. Tickets for the park and haunted houses can be bought online or onsite and Fright Fest is open Friday nights from 6pm to 11pm, Saturdays from 12pm to 11pm, and Sundays from  to 9pm up until November 2. 

2. 13th Floor

The 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver is wrapping up but there’s still time to get one last scare in. Rated in the top 5 most terrifying haunted houses in the country by USA Today, the 13th Floor packs Halloween horrors and thrills into three different attractions including Clown, The Other Side, and Tales of the Unknown (all available with general admission). Sophomore Kennedy Torrez says, “Their props are as good as Universal Studios. The new stories this year were really cool.” There are also extra attractions that you can buy either online or onsite and they are a photo op, mini escape games, Sensory Overload, and Class Axe. The 13th Floor is open the rest of October and November 1, 2, 8, and 9. Tickets are available onsite or online and general admission ranges from $28 to $30 each.


3. JROTC Haunted Houses

Did you know South’s JROTC is hosting a haunted house this Wednesday and Thursday? Wednesday will be for little kids and Thursday will be for teenagers. Member Catherine Yow says, “Come support ROTC. We need money for competition for our teams.” So come support JROTC and enjoy their haunted houses!






4. Head N’ Home for Halloween

If you’re downtown for Halloween night, consider checking out the Head N’ Home for Halloween exhibit at Union Station. A “whimsical Halloween-themed” art installation is put on by the Museum of Outdoor Artist in Residence, Scott Soffa and  is located in the Great Hall. The installation will be open through Halloween and closes November 1. 


5. Pumpkin Nights

Pumpkin Nights at Adams County Fairgrounds and Regional Park Complex is back this fall with tons of Halloween and fall-themed activities. It includes interactive Halloween experiences, multi-sensory Halloween displays, festival activities, a fire show, an outdoor movie screening, and immersive Pumpkin Lands with more than 3,000 hand-carved real and synthetic pumpkins. Food and drink is also available. General Admission ranges from $16 to $20 ($65 for a family pack) and there are also weekday Night Owl and group specials. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time online. Pumpkin Nights will be open until November 3.


6. Haunted Field of Screams






Haunted Field of Screams, Colorado’s largest haunted attraction is located in Thorton, Colorado at 10451 McKay Road. The 40 acre cornfield next to the famously haunted Riverdale Road offers 4 scream-worthy attractions including Condemned, Zombie Paintball Massacre, Dead Man’s Maze, and Carn-evil. Featured on several news outlets, Haunted Field of Screams is unlike any other haunted house and is the perfect way to get one last scream in before Halloween ends. Tickets are limited, but you can reserve them now on the Haunted Field of Screams website. General Admission is $30 but you can also buy additional tickets to the Pitch Dark blackout event starting October 31. All haunted attractions are open until November 2.