The Education System is Failing Us 


Kennedy Torrez, Journalist

Our education system is the system in which we are taught. It generally refers to public and not private school, and it lasts from kindergarten through high school. In the U.S there are around 50.1 children younger than 18 who go to school.Of the 50.1million  students 19.66 million are predicted to go to get into, or go to college. Of the 19.66 million students who went to college it’s predicted for the year of 2019-2020 that 3,898,000 will graduate. This is just in the United States; some of the 19.66 million students went to other countries to receive an education. 3,898,000 is still a low number, however, especially considering we started out with  50.1 million students. So I ask the question if our education system is responsible for teaching us and getting us into college so we can get jobs and live a good life,why are so few people graduating from college?

Part of the answer to this question could be that colleges are just becoming too expensive, but another part could be that the education system is failing us. Recently the system has become for focused on letter grades and teaching us to get the best possible scores that it has strayed away from actually teaching us what we need to know and making sure we attain it. Our grading system works like this: A = 90%-100%, B= 80%-89%, C=70%-79%, D= 60%-69%, F= 0%-59%. In order to rank well worldwide, countries need to have good test scores and the student average overall in letter grades has to be high. Therefore we are taught that our grades and test scores mean everything. This, however, is not correct. While test scores and grades are a big part in getting into college they are not the deciding factor. It’s great we can get high scores and good grades, but if that is all we are focused on it won’t help us later in life. The most commonly asked question in school is if something is going to be on the test, not questions about if kids don’t understand, or how what they are learning retains to real life, or how it will help them. When we are told it’s going to be on the test, then we are then taught to memorize it, not learn it, but memorize the information. When we have actually finished the test if you go back and ask the kids what they learned a week later there response will most likely be I don’t know because no one actually retained the information.

What we are taught has become a big issue as well as how we are taught. We go to classes at least 180 day of a year to learn things that are supposed to help us in the future. But are we actually taught things that help us or are they harming us. When most people graduate highschool, they find they don’t know basic things they need to survive and thrive, such as cook food, do taxes, and manage money, or if an emergency happened, how to do basic survival stuff. Like if someone can’t breathe many people don’t know how to perform CPR; they just call an ambulance and hope for the best. I’m not saying that everything we are taught is unimportant or unhelpful; we will always need to know reading, writing and arithmetic and our history is important. But unless we are becoming scientists or working in the science field, is it something that every student needs to know? It would be more beneficial if science class was replaced with  home-economics. The same can be done with math; it’s true that we need to be able to solve basic equations, but is algebra and geometry critical to our everyday life? The answer is its not unless we know we are going into fields that need it, and there are very few fields that do. We should be taught basic math that we need to do and spend the rest of our years learning about business, taxes, and how to manage money.

I always hear the phrase that “we are invested in your future” coming out of teachers mouths and the mouths of the people who are on the school board. But if they are really invested in our future why are they teaching us the way they are now, and why are they teaching us things we will never use in the real world? If they continue to teach like they are now, we are going to be graduating out of highschool and right into the unemployment line. The Education System is failing at doing the stuff it promised to do for us.