Crush on a Best Friend’s Crush

Crush on a Best Friends Crush

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“I have  a crush on my best friend’s crush, but I knew him first. What do I do ?”

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to South’s advice column.This week we’re focusing on good old fashioned friendship dilemmas. Specifically, what do you do when you and your friend have the same crush? 

Here is the advice I have about this: no matter what you end up doing, prioritize the friendship. Crushes have a tendency to feel all-consuming in the moment, but overtime they generally tend to disappear. Also, remember that this is only high school; you will have more crushes. A crush is not worth the risk of losing your best friend . Also, if this person is truly your best friend, then you should tell them how you feel. Explain the situation in a respectful manner, and be willing to have an open conversation with them.


The Gargoyle