Confront Friends about Being Left Out?


Gargoyle Advice Staff

My friends hung out over the weekend and posted it on social media, this made me feel bad because I was not invited. Should I confront them about leaving me out?

Dear Reader,

You are not alone. With social media becoming an integrated part of our lives it’s normal to feel envious and left out. However, confronting them might not be the best idea. It could lead to an awkward conversation and maybe even a fight. It would probably be in your best interest not to get into hot water with your friends. Instead, invite them to do something with you! In this way, you can become closer to your friends and get quality time with them. As you get closer you might even get invited to hang out more. If it still becomes a problem, just ignore social media. You are an amazing and independent person! Your friends shouldn’t control what you think about yourself. You will always have true friends to hang out with. So enjoy your time together and don’t worry about social media! 


Good Luck, The Gargoyle