Simple and Unbiased Answers to Your Questions About Impeachment


Catalina Kerwin, Journalist

What is impeachment? 

Impeachment means that congress decides the president is no longer fit to serve and should be removed from office. In the past an impeachment inquiry has started with looking into whether or not the president committed a crime. 

How does the impeachment process work?

The process starts with an investigation, or an impeachment inquiry.  House Speaker Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry in response to a Whistle blower complaint. The house will gather evidence trying to prove that President Trump committed a crime worthy of impeachment. If the house believes they have enough evidence Congress will vote on impeachment. The House will vote to impeach President Trump. If 51% of the House votes to impeach President Trump the vote will be turned over to senate. Senate will then vote to remove him from office.    

 How long will impeachment take?

It will take as long as the House wants it to. There is no time limit on impeachment. In the past it has taken anywhere between 3-6 months. Pelosi will want to act while there is still momentum and the House could be voting for impeachment by the end of the year. 

Can president Trump run in 2020 if he is impeached? 

The confusing part about impeachment is that if the House votes for impeachment it does not automatically equal removal from office.  Senate has never voted to remove a president from office. If the House votes to impeach him President Trump can run again in 2020. If the President is convicted but not removed from office then things technically return to normal. 

 Who has been impeached in the past?

Only two presidents have ever been impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached but was not removed from office. Bill Clinton was impeached but not removed from office. Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. 

  Why has an impeachment inquiry started?

This is a complicated question it it depends on who you ask. The simple answer is that a Whistle blower filed a complaint. The whistle blower said he had inside sources telling him/her this information. The complaint accused him of suspending military aide for his own political gain. If this is true it would be very illegal and enough to remove him from office. 

What are the implications of impeachment? 

If congress votes to impeach Trump and remove him from office he will become a normal citizen and be under the judgment of the judicial court. In simple terms he will be a normal person with the same possible consequences as the general public. Congress has never voted to remove an impeached president from office so this would be unprecedented.