Chunky Monkey

Dean Mauck, Dominic McGath, and Luke Matta, Journalists

A Chunky Monkey located in Bangkok’s coastal district of Bang Khun Thian In Thailand has become an overnight internet sensation. Nicknamed “Uncle Fatty” He likes to spend most of his time around the Khun Kala Monument which is a monument that many tourists visit when in Thailand and where he gets most of his junk food. Tourists have been his various food sources for a while and mostly contribute to his weight. He is a Macaques monkey and they are normally 10 kilograms (22 Pounds), and Uncle Fatty weighs a massive 27 kilograms (59 Pounds!). Many people were concerned about uncle Fatty’s health so they decided to do something about it. In this article we will be discussing Uncle Fatty’s journey to losing weight, his leadership roles in his so called “monkey tribe”, his workout/diet plan, and the road to becoming one of the most fattest and most popular monkeys in the world. 

Uncle Fatty who became the leader of the other Macaques monkeys has been fed by the tourists for a while and over time he had become a real chunky monkey. Not only have tourists been feeding him, he has also been teaching the other monkeys around the are how to go fetch him food. There are various videos on the internet of people giving food to Uncle Fatty as well as uncle fatty asking people for food. A lot of the food that people give him consist of common junk food (sodas, chips, etc). But he doesn’t just eat junk food the food he teaches the smaller monkeys to get him are fruits and vegetables watermelon, coconuts, corn, and pineapples. Many believe that he is the monkey version of the popular “Star Wars” character “Jabba the Hutt”. Jabba the hutt is a Fat Alien that is the king of the bounty hunters and makes people fetch him food often. Uncle Fatty is no different as he is the leader of the Macaques and makes them fetch him food. As well as at first glance they look about the same weight. 

The obese macaques monkey “Uncle Fatty”, has had an neutral outcome of his special diet plan. He had been sent to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP)’s Wildlife Health Division for Treatment. After the whole effort to slim him down, the chunky monkey only lost 8% of his body weight. His total weight when Veterinarians examined him was 27 kg but that he would be able to be released in a few months once he was 24.72 Kg. This weight was still over double the average of a healthy macaques monkey.  Although this doesn’t seem as much as a difference, according to Coconuts Bangkok, an online newspaper, veterinarians that ran his workout/diet said, “His tummy no longer drags on the ground.” We hope that once the whole Operation is over he loses the giant lump that he has on his stomach. 

Uncle Fatty Has gone through many diets in his life. According to a video by “Coconuts TV” Before being sent to the DNP Camp his diet Mainly consisted of soda, candy, other junk food, and fruits. But now while he is actively losing weight he still eats his fruits but his meals are mainly vegetables, and lean proteins. Some of the vegetables in his diet are broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, and string beans. (He eats better than me!) In addition to eating healthier he also has to climb a large pole in order to receive his meals that are placed on a platform high up.