Stressed? Need Some Study Tips?

Stressed?  Need Some Study Tips?

Gargoyle Advice

Dear Reader,

As far as studying, make sure you have a game plan. A lot of people feel lost when studying because they don’t have a structure. Tell yourself how much work you are going to do per day, or what topics you will cover. For classes that require memorization, it helps to write down concepts in your own words to understand and then later be able to read over your notes before the test to review.

For subjects like math there are websites like MathXL and Khan Academy where you can do practice problems. Definitely make sure you know all the content on the study guide if one is given. Set out a part of your day to study. Sit at a desk or table, put music on and tell yourself you are going to study. For me at least, this gets me in the mindset to get my work done.

There are ways to set time limits on your phone so you can keep the distractions away. I think we’ve all been in a situation where you have all of your materials out in front of you, but instead of studying you are mindlessly going through your phone. Trust me; getting it done without your phone in 1 hour is better than sort of doing with your phone for 3 hours. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed you can take breaks to refocus. Also, bring snacks. Try not to procrastinate until the last night because that adds to the stress. Doing a little everyday helps cover all the material and allows you to feel prepared.¬†


Good Luck, The Gargoyle