The Importance Of Rescue Pets


Hazel the dog

Bailey Langhans and Catalina Kerwin, Journalist

“Each year 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them,” states Helping Hands Humane Society. All these animals are put into kill shelters. There are already so many of theses animals without a home, therefore you should not buy from a mass breeder that encourages this high population. Instead you can save the animals that are already struggling to find a home.

If you’re looking for a pet, adopting a rescue can be important to contribute to their lives after they were likely forgotten or mistreated. Pets bought in mass breeding facilities are often treated with cruelty and should not be supported when compared to other options. However, not all shelters are free from cruelty either, so make sure that you do your research and pick one that resides with your beliefs. By adopting a pet you can also spread awareness and encourage others to adopt.

Hopefully, you want to rescue and if you are wondering what your next steps should be, you have a few options. Maxfund is a nearby center to adopt from. Maxfund is located on 1005 Galapago street which is about a 10-minute drive from South. Maxfund is the largest no-kill center in Denver.  Some centers will kill unwanted animals if they are not adopted within a specific time period. In addition, all Maxfund animals are neutered and current on vaccines. Maxfund has cats, dogs and special needs pets. While writing this article we got very distracted looking at the pets up for adoption. Our favorites were a blind bulldog named Justice who loves humans and walks! We also fell in love with a cat named Catalina. She has beautiful green eyes and loves treats. Maxfund is a great center to support. Although if you are looking for a different shelter their are multiple in the area such as Denver Animal Center, Denver Dumb Friends League and Foothills Animal center. All of their websites are linked below! 


If you are interested in buying a rescue pet, here are some important requirements for adopting:

  • You must be 21 to apply 
  • Everyone in the house must meet the pet before submitting an application 
  • When you submit an application you will need to provide
  • Vet info for other pets
  • Landlord info if you rent 
  • All other animals must be neutered and must meet the pet you are adopting


South High School is full of people with rescue pets. Here are some of our favorites for you to meet:

My name is Dexter! I was a stray dog who got put in a shelter until my owners rescued me. My owners love my cute underbite. One of my favorite things to do is bark. I will bark at everything and nothing, however I have torn both of my ACL in my back legs which makes it hard to walk sometimes. I am so happy that my family rescued me! My owners believe that all dogs deserve a home, and that people should stop pets from being killed in shelters because of overpopulation.









Hi, I am named Hazel for my eyes! I was rescued from Denver Dumb Friends League. I am a black lab and was bred to be a hunting dog, but I have urinary incontinence so I was put in a shelter. My owners say that am most loving dog that you will ever meet. I love people, food and my cat friend! Although I love my family, I am also an escape artist and love to find any way possible to get out of the house and explore! A lot of times pets are treated badly and many other animals are being forgotten about so humans should rescue the us dogs that need help verse breed more.














Hi my name is Roo. I was named after a Kangaroo. I don’t know what a Kangaroo is but I would love to meet one someday. I am a very chill dog. Unlike my friend Dexter I never bark. I am very well behaved despite my parents never training me. I love to go on walks and take naps in my sister’s room. I am very patient and I let little kids crawl all over me. My parents rescued me from Foothills Animal Center because they believe every dog deserves a loving home.   











Hi, I’m Gus! I love to eat anything you put in front of me. My favorite food is chicken but I will also happily eat onions and celery. I am obsessed with a stuffed purple dog toy and I don’t play with anything else.  My mom, Ms. Hyzer loves to sleep but I make sure she is never late to school by jumping on her bed when her alarm goes off. 










I am Julian. My sister and I were rescued from a non profit organization in Aruba. My favorite toy is a fleece mouse. I throw it into the air, swat it across the kitchen floor and really like to chase after it. I think I should be treated just like a human! That’s why I  always sits in a chair at the kitchen table. I love my new chance at a second life. All pets need homes and are just as good at being a sweet loving pet as any that you would buy from a pet store.










MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Denver Dumb Friends League 

Denver Animal Shelter

Foothills Animal Shelter