Homecoming Activities


Gargoyle journalists Dominic, Dean, and Luke

As many of you may know, last week was rebel week and more importantly homecoming week. Some of the most anticipated events of the week included the football game, the pep rally, and the food truck festival which all took place on Friday. We went around the school and collected info from people about how excited they are for the activities as well as went to the game and had some fun. Dominic is #13 on the varsity football team and has a lot of juicy details about how the game went from an actual players perspective. 

What people said for what they were most anticipated for on Friday was the football game. Sophomore Lucy Ramsey said “We are going to beat golden 24-18.” While sophomore Alex Larchanco responded with “We are going to get mopped.” We lost the game 10-21 but it is OK because we had lots of Rebel spirit supporting the football team. We hope they win their future games.

While at the game I could see many of us were hyped up and ready to have some fun. Some things we did were sing chants such as “Should have been a Rebel” “ D what? D south!,”and many more. During half time, drum line played, The dance team danced, and many more. Once the game was coming to an end, many people in the stands were getting excited for the following day which was the homecoming dance. 

Dominic:  Player POV (Point of View) 

  Although we lost, we still played well and now we can learn from what we did wrong and improve on our next coming games. We played a good game but things didn’t go our way when it was time to score and take the lead.  Our whole team does appreciate all fans who came out and supported us as we fought. I was excited to see all the fans I was ready to do everything I can to help the team.  

If you are a South student you already know that Friday on homecoming week is Rebels gear day. The amount of people we saw wearing rebel gear was astounding. Some people wore their south sweatshirts, shirts, and even overalls. Some even got creative and made their own gear by painting, gluing, etc. We asked Principal Bobby Thomas if he would be wearing any rebel gear and he responded with “Of course. If I could wear it all the time I would.” 

Another question we asked was if people were excited for the pep rally. Everyone responded with yes. At the pep rally we were all making as much noise as we could to represent witch class had the most spirit. Like always the seniors won, but everyone made as much noise as possible. 

In conclusion we had a loss against Golden, but our players got to learn from the loss and we had a good time at the pep rally.