We Are Watching


South students at the Strike, Sept. 20, 2019

Catherine Yow, Journalist

Greta Thunberg, a name recognized across the globe belonging to a sixteen year old girl who sits with politicians and fights for mother nature, created a nation wide climate strike that at least 60,000 people attended. With category 5 hurricanes crashing into land, tropical diseases poisoning us all, and fires burning in our most beloved rain forest, change needs to happen, and soon. 

The fate of the world rests on the shoulders and backs of today’s children. They say we are the future of America, but will there even be a future for us? The fact is, we don’t know. However what we do know is that one day, relatively soon, the global crisis will get too large to fix, unless we fix it soon. Students everywhere were willing to leave class and march as a last attempt to get the United Nations attention and get them to take action. Even the students at South High School put down their pens and paper, got on the RTD, and participated in the strike.

Hailey Hayes, a senior at South, as well as president of Sustainability club, says “I wanted to show to myself that I’m not OK with just standing by and watching everything happen”. Not only was Ms. Hayes the organizer of Souths strike, she also dedicates her day-to-day life to make our school, and the world, a more sustainable and eco-friendly place to be. Students like Ms. Hayes are the reason for how successful this strike is. Dozens of people spoke up about climate change at the strike, inspiring people all over the square to fight for the environment. This was followed by students and citizens marching through downtown Denver, If even more students could make the decision to fight for their home, the U.N. would have no choice but to fix the issue. As easy as it is to say to just wait until our generation becomes old enough to make political decisions and run for office, we do not have time.

So please, use your tiny but mighty voices to stand up for our mother and fight for what is right. If protest aren’t your thing, then participate in meatless Mondays, or simply go vegetarian. You could also stop promoting the fast fashion industry by thrifting and shopping sustainable. If that seems extreme, than start to use a push mower instead of an electric one. There are hundreds of tiny ways to save the environment, all you need to do is look.