South Drip

South Drip

Dean Mauck & Dominic McGath, Journalists

Do you think you have what it takes to be drippy? We went around the hallways of our school and interviewed our fellow students and teachers in order to get a better understanding of what drip really means and how you can improve it, as well as researching the top flexors in the clothing game to really get an idea of how to be stylish. 

The pop culture reference “Drip” refers to how much style a person or thing has. If you are extra “drippy” that may mean you have a lot of style. This word can be found in many pop culture references such as music, athletics, everyday trends in life and a lot more. Everyone is able to have drip in their own way because there are many different forms of drip that everyone can rock. For example there’s the expensive drip [3rd picture] (designer clothes and such), the retro flex [1st picture], the athletic flex [2nd picture], and so many more! 














Some of the questions we asked in our interviews included:

  • What’s the max budget you would you spend on a drippy outfit or article of clothing?
  • Who or what inspired your drip today? 
  • Favorite article of clothing you own?

Budget on clothes 

Out of the many people we interviewed about how much would you spend on a cool outfit the majority answered with between $50-$400. Sophomore Elizabeth Walsh said “$350 dollars including shoes.” Most “cool” shoes cost around $150-$800 and are an essential part of any drippy outfit.

 Dominic and Dean inquiries: As authors we both said around $400 

Drip inspiration 

For who inspired people drip most said famous people such as Instagram influencers, actors/actresses, musicians, and style professionals. After interviewing Coach Phonz He said that his inspiration for drip is “Fabulous”[1st picture] A New York rapper known for his hit song “Into You” and for his flashy style and expensive clothes. Adding on to that sophomore Jack Destenafno said “My boy Playboi Carti [2nd picture] and in second place A meazy with the DIBS” Playboi carti is also a New York born rapper who in my opinion has tremendous swag.  Unsurprisingly most people said rappers for most swag in the game because most rappers make a lot of money and like to convey that through their clothes.














Favorite article of clothing 

For favorite article of clothing most people said expensive things that mean a lot of them. Freshman Romeo L responded with his “Black true religion shirt.” True religion is a California based brand most widely known for their jeans made with quality American made denim. Adding onto that sophomore Shaliee said her favorite article of clothing is her “furry coat”. 

How to flex like the pros

After extensive research we can conclude based off of the website Famous Rapper Quavo formerly known for his head role in the rap group “Migos” Spend this much on one outfit. 


  • Jackets= $200- $1000
  • Shoes= $300-1300 
  • Shirts/tops= $3- $400 
  • Hoodies= $200-$1600 
  • Glasses= $15- $450 
  • Pants/shorts= $200- $500 
  • Jumpsuits= Up to $800 



What we can take away from this is that although most of these items are very expensive it’s good to try out different types of clothes with every single outfit if you want that extra heat. And remember, everyone has their own style so “respect the drip” 

Another top flexer we can learn valuable information from is Atlanta rapper “Gunna” Gunna is known for his hit song “Drip too hard” Featuring lil baby. But the reason we are researching him is because he pretty much brought life to the word “drip” through most of his albums and how frequently he uses the word to not only describe his style but his lifestyle. After further investigation of Gunna we can conclude that the outfit depicted below has a total cost of $11260. The outfit includes:

-Gucci jacket- $1850 

-Gucci loafers- $1350

-Gucci belt- $450 

-Gucci beanie- $310

-Gucci jeans- $7330


Something Dean and I took away from this outfit is that essential with some brands like Gucci to go full out and wear everything Gucci. But mixing and matching looks cold too just as long as it matches and isn’t full out.