Out of Control!

Catalina Kerwin , Journalist

Wherever there are Canada Geese there is poop and therein lies the problem. The recent partial goose extermination in parks around Denver and use of these geese as a food source for food banks has sparked controversy. As a self proclaimed environmentalist and animal lover I understand the mixed feelings yet I am in full support with Denver’s decision. I appreciate geese just as much as the next person but I also respect the hundreds of other species of wildlife that thrive at Denver Parks that are being harmed by rising geese populations. Geese are an invasive species so they have no natural predators allowing populations to grow exponentially. I believe killing a percentage of geese populations helps ALL the users of Denver’s parks. 

An out of control goose population causes an imbalance in the ecosystem affecting all the users of parks including people. Geese poop a lot, an adult goose drops 2 lbs of fecal matter daily. Goose poop contaminates the water causing algae to grow, killing other aquatic plants. Too much algae in the water causes fish to die which directly affects native birds species. In addition goose poop is a health hazard. A sophomore at South High school comments “ I have two dogs that I walk around Washington park every day. My dogs eat the Goose poop which makes them very sick. Recently I am noticing less poop on my walks and my dogs are not getting sick any more. I still see geese at Washington Park but they are no longer a nuisance or a health hazard.” Denver parks geese roundup allowed people to enjoy their local parks and nature they provide and is the most environmentally conscious response to a growing problem.  

The icing on the cake is that the geese were not wasted. Denver’s homeless population is growing rapidly. The geese were fed to homeless people in food banks where protein is hard to come by and goes fast.