South Hallway Management

Kennedy Torrez & Luke Matta, Journalists

Imagine you are a new incoming student here at South.You have five minutes to get to class and figure out where you class room is.The hallways can be a bit intimidating, especially this year. We have over 1600 students and around 600 new incoming students. The hallways and stairways are more crowded then they have ever been. Recently the increase in students in the hallways during passing period has led to issues getting to class efficiently and on time.This is affecting both the students and staff here and needs to be changed and managed better.

One of the issues that has been occurring in the hallways and stairways is people walking on the wrong side of the hall.Walking on the wrong side of the hall causes collisions and disturbs the flow of traffic by delaying it or forcing other people to walk on the wrong side of halls too. You should always follow the American driving system when you are walking in the halls/stairs.The system states: no matter what direction you are facing you should always be located on the right side of the road. In the hallway and stairway always stay to the right and only use the left side when you are crossing over to get to class.This way you don’t  end up blocking other people or running into people who are trying to get to class.

Another issue that we have noticed keeps occurring is people using the wrong doors in the stairway. When you are entering or exiting the stair way you should always use the door located on the right side of you, no matter what direction you are coming from. When people use the left door they end up hitting people on the other side of the door who are going the correct direction.They also cause backup in traffic because two people can’t get through the door at the same time. A sophomore here at South stated “ it makes me frustrated and angry when people use the wrong door or stop to have conversations in the middle of the stairs. ”By using the left door in the stairways to enter and exit you also can influence others and prevent them from getting to class on time, this then causes tension and negative emotions. It is a ripple effect if one person does this, it affects a lot of other people and how they get to class. This sophomore mentioned a good point, another thing that is happening in stairways is people stop to have conversations with their friends. There is even less room in the stair ways than there is in the hallways. By stopping and having a conversation you are stopping the flow of traffic and not one is able to get around you. This makes everyone else late for class and causes tension between students. If you want to have a conversation with you friends wait until later or don’t do it on the stairs. Have the conversation in the hall off to the side.

The last issue with the hallways/ stairways we have noticed is people walking in groups shoulder to shoulder. Or in big blobs in the hall.When this happens other students can’t get around you to get to class on time and everyone has to walk at the pace of the group. In turn they control traffic flow. Please refrain from doing this. Only walk two or three people side by side in the hall. This way you can still socialize with your friends but also everyone else around you can get to class.

In conclusion, remember to always walk on the right side and use the right doors in stairways. If you have trouble remembering use the rule the right side is the right way. Never stop to have conversation in the stairways and in the hallways move to the side to have them. Lastly walk in groups of two to three people. By following these suggestions the hallways won’t be as big of a headache and everyone will  be able to get to class on time and efficiently.