I hate the Kroenkes


Henry Mammel, Journalist

I hate the Kroenke’s if your not a Denver sports fan you probably have no idea who they are. The family owns the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids to name the major sports teams in the state, But also own the Los Angeles Rams and Arsenal Football Club in London. But Hate is a strong word that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly as it’s quite dramatic. But their ownership of almost all of the teams has been terrible the Rapids are one of the worst teams in the MLS a league that needs to the owner to care about the team and anybody associated with Arsenal already hate’s Kroenke. But why am I calling for an ownership change in Denver? The Nuggets have been one of the NBA’s best teams and the Avalanche made the playoffs this year not to mention that the LA Rams made the super bowl. I believe that the Kroenke’s care about their sports teams but not as much as they care about money.


I’ll start with recent news that the Nuggets are prepared to let their GM Tim Connelly go to the Washington Wizards in the same position for next to nothing. He also let Masai Ujiri walk out the door to the Toronto Raptors for nothing, Ujiri is widely considered to be the best NBA GM. The only thing that was given to the Nuggets was money no draft picks or players just money. For a family who’s leading women is one of the descendants of the Walmart fortune who sit a pretty #1 on the fortune 500 making them the biggest company in the USA and maybe the world. Not to mention KSE who are owned completely by the family there seems to be no sign that the Family is in need of money. So why let two great GM’s walk out the door? Calling a good NBA GM like a needle in the haystack is an understatement it’s damn near impossible. It’s frustrating to see a good GM walk out of the door because of a lack of effort on the part of the owner. Thankfully Connelly stayed as the Nuggets GM as opposed to moving to the Wizards.


The Ownership of the Rapids and Arsenal has been terrible as well, the Rapids currently sit 24 out of 24 on ESPN’s MLS power rankings, at least it can’t get any worse? Arsenal before the ownership of Kroenke was fighting of honor of best team in the world and now have to settle being just out of the Champions League. Any fan of the team will tell you that they wish Kroenke would sell the team and they wish for new owners. The thing about Soccer or “Football” is that you need a present owner that cares about the team. Owners are the ones who spend the money on players to make the team better and as you can probably guess I’m accusing Kroenke of not wanting to spend money on their teams and that they would rather have the money than a winning team.


Last but not least in terms of reasons to dislike the Kroenke’s the LA Rams. Kroenke is a native to Missouri so it’s no surprise that he owned the Football team in the state. But in 2015 we relocated the Rams what was strange was that Kroenke and the city of Saint Luis were unable to get a deal done on a new stadium which was badly needed. The city didn’t want to pay tax dollars for the stadium but you guessed it Kroenke was unwilling to go through without it as he yet again didn’t want to spend his own money. So they moved to LA using tax Money to fund a new stadium. This triggered fans into a sense of rage and disappointment as their team left for pastures new with Kroenke to blame.


I know that my harsh treatment of the Kroenke is kinda out of line due to the fact that they due care about the teams and are willing to invest in them. But my frustration is one that sees teams in Boston winning a championship every year with an owner who isn’t the greatest person. I do enjoy watching the teams as their my hometown teams. I’m just calling for better as opposed to average if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 17 years in the sports world you can’t succeed with being content you need to be ruthless.