School Safety

School Safety

Maddie Bishop, Journalist

This year at South High School, I am a new student; I had just moved to Denver, Colorado from the East coast, and it was one of my biggest moving changes. I grew up on a farm and now I’m living in the city of Denver – I’m still getting used to it but everything is different here especially the schools.

At my old school we did not have the best security; we never had a lockout, the doors where unguarded, and there was one security guard. During my Sophomore year there was a threat at my school – this had never happened before – a serious threat – at my school and no one knew what to do. When the threat was made it was during school and everyone freaked out, people called their parents begging them to pick them up, people walking out and screaming. Eventually the day came to an end and after school activities continued, during track practice our coach gathered us together and announced that the shooter had been caught and we were all fine, he then proceeded to yell at us to start running again.

At South, during the past month we have had a lot of threats from Sol Pais to threats made particularly to South. I was amazed by the efficiency of the school, security everywhere, lockouts and announcements to parents South has pretty much everything under control. The last month has been sprinkled with lockouts and threats which was terrifying for me and I am sure everyone else. Because of the lack of preparedness at my old school, I felt so much safer with South’s protocols than my old school.

I would like to help schools that are unprepared for events like this like my old school to make the community safer for everyone. I think that all schools need to have more drills, to prepare staff and students in case of events like this. Schools should be built like some colleges where you need to scan your student ID to get into the school so that only students and approved guests can enter the school. Having multiple security guards placed around the school will also help keep everyone safe and maybe even keep kids from doing drugs in school. I think measures like these and more will keep everyone in school systems safe from danger.