When Do You Become An Adult? A Question for All.

May 15, 2019

When do you become an adult? Is it when you start to do your taxes on your own? Or, when you finally get to move out of your parents house into your own place? Or is it when you finally turn 21 and you’re allowed to do the things you weren’t able to do before? Or when you turn 18 and are finally legal and able to vote? Or is it when you are mature enough that you don’t need to close your eyes when the inappropriate part of a movie comes up? It’s a question that we never really put thought into. We are always told that under 18 you are too young to worry about what life brings you in your future, but yet we are expected to act “grown” and think about our future by the age of 15-16. We are taught about the human body parts of boys and girls and how sex works but yet again we are too young to even think about it or have it. The world tells us to be grown but act our age at the same time. But what is the right time to act grown yet act our age? The world complains that goofing off is just because of our age..but then tell us that we should be smart about our actions and that we know “better”.

Not everyone has the same mindset nor maturity. It is told that (biologically speaking) that you become an adult after you reach sexual maturity around the ages of 12 and 13. Although (psychologically speaking) you become an adult after your adolescence and are reaching into your adulthood so around 18-25ish. Being an adult at 12-13 where you start to think for yourself and understand how your body works and when puberty hits you…mmm… I can see where people are coming from, but as a 12-13 year old you can’t work, you can’t own a house or a car, can’t drink or smoke…well legally, and many other things that are considered “adult-like things”. But at 16-18 you are now entering your pre-adulthood the age where you have more freedom and are considered a young adult but that’s again at age 20-26ish. Again you are not yet into your adult years at age 18 but you are legal so in that case you still can’t pass as an adult you may be allowed to have those chances of going to places such as night-clubs on Thursdays because they lowered the entry to 18 but you can’t be around or buy any alcoholic drinks because you are NOT an adult. But let’s say you get into some trouble with the law..and you are 18. What happens there? Well let me tell you they charge you as an adult. No matter how small the crime might have been.

Honestly you can never know what age you become an adult. Some people can be 16-17 and understand that they need to work and save up for a car or take a drivers test and be responsible. Others might now be 21 or older still living with their parents and not needing to work because they are being maintained and still act like children. I don’t believe that there is a way to identify someone when everyone has a different mentality and maturity level. Everyone has a different lifestyle and a different story. So my last question is…is this question unanswerable?