Why Standardized Testing is a Waste of our Time

May 13, 2019

Standardized testing. Something every teenager knows and dreads. The ACT, or SAT or any other unnecessarily long test is wasting our time. Everything about these test is wrong.

These tests are claimed to evaluate your college readiness, but the only thing their testing is your patience and wallet. It’s proven that people that come from families with more money are guaranteed to score 40 more points than those who came from lower income families. Why is this? If you want to do good on the SAT or ACT, or any other random letter combination test, you need tutoring. The average SAT prep course cost $1,100, making it impossible for some kids to get the preparation needed to really have a chance. These tests are all about the training for them and memorizing tips and tricks to get through it. When taking the test, you become nothing more than a name on a bubble sheet and a score that defines you.

The test questions can also be on material that some have not even learned yet. When talking the tests, students are told to bubble in the answer that “best fits the question.” Depending on which three letter test the students are taking, the questions vary from English, math, social studies, and science.  

These standardized test are also interfering with kids education. Teachers now a days are ‘teaching to test’ meaning that they base their lessons off test material. I’ve noticed my education has turned into getting through the next standardized test. By spending so much time on testing, there is little room for creative projects and electives in class.

Students should have to spend less time taking standardized test, it not only takes away from their learning but it’s not an accurate representation of someone’s intelligence.  Universities should not require SAT scores, but value GPA more. Schools are now beginning to change the requirement for SAT and ACT score for admissions, including the University of Denver.