Should Teachers Be Graded by Students?


Maddie Bishop, Journalist

Teachers grade students, why shouldn’t students grade teachers? Many students have opinions on teachers and criticism, or tips to run the classroom more efficiently. However, student opinion is undervalued because of bias against teachers and students unwilling to give honest opinions about their teachers.

Teachers are graded by students already by the students’ grades, but that is not always accurate; some students might not be at school very much or maybe they are a different type of learner. Students should be able to grade their teachers with a anonymous survey, including how the teacher can run the class better, how teachers can help students, how teachers can make class more interesting and more.

Some teachers are not ‘good teachers’ — they either do not teach and just hand you a textbook and say ‘learn,’ or some teachers do not help students or hate certain students for what seems to be minuscule reasons. These surveys could help these teachers or if they are really terrible get them to leave the school.

To get personal, when I was living in Virginia in 9th grade, my teacher often singled me out to fail or yell at because she was positively sure my parents were racists. Our school did not have teacher surveys or chances for me to speak up for myself. Eventually after multiple parents and students came forward to the head of school we eventually ‘won’ and she was not welcome back at all. Student voices are very important and should be considered in the teachers job; of course some students will not take this seriously or purposely say bad things about a ‘good teacher.’ But for the students who take this seriously I think that it could help teachers, students and the school.

These surveys could help get rid of bad teachers like my 9th grade teacher or help teachers find better methods to teach and help students in class. South has surveys like these in the fall that can impact teacher’s pay and job security, and help teaching habits. If we got a national teacher grading survey or program it could benefit teachers and students as long as students are honest.