The Ocean Cleanup: Will This Really Work in Our Oceans?

Miriam Medina, Journalist

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Our oceans, our waters, our favorite place to be…covered with trash??  The ocean has had trash such as plastics floating on it for over years. Building up thousands on top of thousands pieces of trash. Having over 5 trillion pieces of trash piled up in our waters. The build up of trash reaches the coasts of beaches and islands all over the globe, killing thousands of sea creatures in moments. Many know this has been such a huge problem over the years but why did it take so long to do something about it?

The trash that is filling up our oceans consists of plastic. These harm animals and habitats as we know, and we have yet to see any improvement in bringing our ocean back to how they used to be. This is because many companies have plastic as a cheaper choice which is beneficial making thousands of items for thousands of buyers. Most of these items you buy includes some type of plastic either as a cover or wrap. Which makes it difficult to find something that does not have any plastic. These items are what we use everyday having it 10 times harder to not use.

Many people have started and are hopefully still trying to help with the whole plastic situation by not using straws. Not using plastic straws has been a big movement recently by replacing them with glass reusable straws. This helps prevent straws from floating around and invading our oceans and hurting many animals such as the sea turtle. Straws aren’t the only problem here, there are items such as toothbrushes, old empty gallons of milks/juices, plastic water-bottles, plastic bags/wrappers,and there are thousands more. It may be hard to try and avoid using plastic but with a little change in our daily routine, we may be a big help for our oceans. Although it may be difficult and maybe even expensive it is better for yourself and the environment.

After all these years, we finally are taking action of what we have caused in our oceans; we have started the biggest ocean clean-up in history. It collects all the oceans trash that is floating on the surface. The system is well thought out as there are nets under the system that are floating, and are only a few feet long, but gives our little friends a whole bunch of space to swim under while the cleaning process is still in action. The trash picked up is brought back and made into things people will reuse and not throw away so quickly. Although it might take awhile to cleanup, it will be done. It takes a lot of time and patience and many volunteers. You can make a change.