Popular Rapper Shot in L.A.

Nathan Scheibel, Journalist

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Nipsey Hussle was shot dead in the streets of Los Angeles on March 31, 2019, The motives of the killer are still unknown. His service was held at the staples center where thousands of people came to support and mourn the loss of Nipsey.  

Nipsey was a great role model and a great influencer overall. The work he did for his community and his neighborhood will forever live on in the city of Los Angeles.  He often hired homeless people and people that just got out of prison to help them get back on their feet. He helped with policy brutality and tried to mend the wrongs between the two groups and brought the community of Crenshaw and the cops together. He also funded many renovations to different schools so they could get better playgrounds and amenities.  His legacy was so profound that they archived his work in the congressional records. Obama also sent a letter to Nipsey’s family addressing his untimely death and reassuring them that he will not be forgotten.

Before Nipsey’s death, He was planning on releasing a documentary about the pharmaceutical business and how they are abusing people for their money. Many people believe this is why he was killed. The doctor he was doing researching on was also killed a few months back in Hong Kong. Even though this is just a conspiracy theory, many believe it is true.  No matter the motives or the reasons for his death, there is nothing we can do besides to carry on his legacy and too not forget about the work he did for his community.