SAT Tips & Reminders


Ericka Aguilar-Granados, Journalist

SAT exams are right around the corner causing all of our juniors to have high expectations to pass the exam. All juniors will be, inevitably, worried about it. This exam is extremely important; your score on this test is a big number for colleges to look at. I, Myself am a junior who will also take the exam and I have a lot to share to make you feel all more prepared and well- here are some tips so that you can walk into test day feeling amazing!

1) Ask questions! Whether you use Google, or ask your teachers. Being curious is a great aspect in having knowledge on what’s going to be on the SAT. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that you may think will sound dumb; asking those certain questions will help you know what to expect.

2) Use Khan Academy. It sounds like a drag, but it’s honestly the best way to study for the SAT, in my opinion. If you have a CollegeBoard account and you’ve taken the PSAT 10 or the PSAT, your scores will be put into your Khan Academy account, and it will give you personalized questions from each section to help you strengthen your weakest points. They also have a bunch of full-length practice tests with realistic questions and timing. This will help you strive and feel more experienced.

3) Take care of yourself! It sounds cheesy and simple, but getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam can make a huge difference in your mood, mind, and attitude. It can help to clear your brain so that you’ll do the best you can do.

4) Bring a graphing calculator. Honestly, these calculators will be such a big resource in the exam, making it easier for you. However, before you can use the graphing calculator in the SAT, make sure your calculator is SAT-approved.

5) Likely the most important of all of these tips – relax! Don’t stress yourself out to the point of mental breakdowns. Remember, you can always take the test again if you’d like, and that no score defines you! Walk into test day calm and confident. 

Good luck to everyone!