The final days of senior year

Nate Scheibel, Journalist

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Even though the seniors are in the last stretch of high school, there is still much to do in these last two months.  Over a hundred and seventy seniors are under the 92% attendance rate which means you can’t walk at graduation or go to prom.

If you are one of those kids do not worry because there are many opportunities to get your attendance up. One of the biggest things you can do is go to school a week straight. If you can have no tardies or absences for a week then they will bump your attendance up by 5%. If that still is not enough you can also do community service and Saturday school.

Some other big things coming up for seniors are senior fees and graduation. Senior fees have to be paid by the 26th but if you don’t want to wait in line then it would be better to pay them sooner then the 26th. If you don’t pay your senior fees then you can’t walk at graduation. Seniors also need to order their graduation gowns by the 20th. You can order them online and it’s super easy. If you can’t afford the graduation gowns go talk to the treasury for information on how to get a discount on them.

Last but not least the seniors have prom. Prom is one of the most fun times in high school but also one of the most expensive. Prom is on the 27th of April but if you want to get a head start and not be stressed then it is advised to start planning now for all the expenses like your tux or dress.  

Probably the most important thing to keep on track with is your grades, even if you’re a senior who got accepted to college there can still be repercussions to having bad grades your second semester so make sure to finish the year strong.