Boys Lacrosse update

Henry Mammel, Journalist

The boys lacrosse season got off to a start on March 8th when the team hosted Thunder Ridge. They lost the game and the mood was a down one after the lose as it was the first game of the season. The team wants to improve and do better this year. They play in one of the hardest conferences in the state and have to play state champions Regis this year. They also have other tough teams such as Kent and Colorado Academy who both made the playoffs last year.

The game against Thunder Ridge didn’t go the way the team wanted it to with an unfavorable score line of 15-3 at the end of the game. With the look of frustration and disappointment on all of the players faces, the breaks don’t come easily as the team has missed two days of practice due the the snow days. As other teams also miss the two days as almost every school didn’t have school rhythm is important to the team’s success, and missing two days of practice will cause that to disappear.

Going into spring break the team looks to continue practice for the rest of the season, still early in the season they need to continue to improve. Spring break is the toughest part of the schedule as part of the team is gone for a week on vacation. Teams they play will also may have the week of school that south didn’t, most of the team does stick around for spring break but some often leave on vacation.

The team started the season 0 and 4 and it looks to be a tough one, they know they have the full backing of the school. After a 7 and 8 finish last year but a less demanding schedule, and with the second year of a new head coach. We hope that the boys can turn the season around and have a good second half to the season, best of luck rebels.