The Progression of Gun Control

March 6, 2019

On February 14th, 2018, tragedy struck in Parkland, Florida. After news of the seventeen students and staff members that were killed at Stoneman Douglas High School spread, light was finally shed on one of the major issues in this country: gun control. Survivors of this tragedy began standing up for what they believed and started fighting for the change thought to be necessary to keep the students of this country safe.


Just days after the tragedy, survivors and allies began protesting the issues we face with gun control in our country. When the students of Stoneman Douglas began standing up, a huge movement broke out all across the country; everybody agreed that it was time for change. With the rise of the March for our Lives movement, different laws began being passed in states to help protect the lives of the people in this country. Although there have been no nationwide laws that have been passed, different states have passed a variety of laws in hopes of controlling the gun epidemic to some degree.


Although gun control has been a major topic in society, very few states have actually passed laws to act on the danger we all talk about. In 2018 25 states passed laws, many of which only passing one or two. Out of these 25 states a ban on bumpstocks was the most popular law. Bumpstocks are a device put on rifles that allows the weapon to fire rapidly, allowing the shooter to do much more harm than if there was no bumpstock.

In Colorado, not much has changed regarding our gun policies. Here in Colorado, there are two titles that explain our gun policies: Title 18 and Title 33. Not much has changed since the Parkland shooting, but people are still pushing for change. With movements and organizations such as Everytown and March for our lives, people’s voices are finally being heard and the possibility of change is becoming more real.