Advice to Underclassmen

Nate Scheibel, Journalist

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High school can be very scary if you’re an underclassman so we asked a few upperclassmen to see how they made it through the years and what advice they would give.

After interviewing Five upperclassmen around the school we found out that the biggest tip of advice that they gave was to not ditch class.  

A senior Chase Kramis had this to say about the topic “ As long as you don’t ditch class and you show up every day it is very hard to not pass your classes.”

This is very true, we all know that it might be tempting if your friends are trying to get you to ditch or if you just got your car and you don’t want to go to the school that day but it is not worth it. Especially if you are taking challenging classes like honors or A.P.

Another big topic that a lot of juniors and seniors talked about was to not be scared. Being in a class with 30 students can be intimidating but if you’re confused or have a question don’t be afraid to ask. Some of the biggest mistakes these seniors have made was not speaking up in class and just going through the motions watching the clock. If you don’t understand the topic raise your hand and ask because knowing about what is being taught will make your life easier with homework and tests.

A senior Holden Taylor had this to say about this topic “ We might not like high school but we all have to go. So we might as well make the best with what we have.”

Overall just remember that high school might feel like it lasts forever but eventually it will end. Just make sure to stay on top of your grades and not ditch. My personal advice would be to learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect, no one can get A’s on everything and be the perfect student. Just learn from the mistakes that you make and make sure to take advantage of tutoring times.