Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2018


Nate Scheibel, Journalist

This year has been great for music lovers everywhere. There have been too many albums this year to count. Here are the top 10 hip hop albums that dropped in 2018.

#10- Black Panther soundtrack- Kendrick Lamar

This album which features Kendrick Lamar, SOB x RBE, Sza, Jay rock, and many more were specifically made for the Marvel movie, “Black Panther.”  What makes the album so good is that there are many artists that worked on the whole soundtrack. It landed at number ten because it was a collaboration album that had many hits including “Kings Dead” and “Paramedic.”


#9-ye-Kayne West

Many people don’t like Kayne for various reasons, but it doesn’t mean he puts out bad music. His latest solo album Ye is a masterpiece if you listen to the words and the meaning. With only 7 songs you don’t get overwhelmed with too much music and you know exactly what you are going to get, a Kayne style album.


#8- ta1300-denzel curry

Denzel Curry is a smaller rapper who is very underrated and deserves a lot more attention. He proved on this album that he could hang with big artists lyrically.


#7- scorpion-drake

Drake has been the most popular artist for the past five years, and there is a reason for it. He makes catchy hits that get stuck in our heads for days. That is exactly what he did on this album. Two of the most played songs this year are on this album: “Gods Plan” and “Kiki.”


#6-Kamakazi- Eminem

There is a reason he is considered one of the best rap artists ever. On this surprise album, he addresses his past album not doing good. Without any advertising, his album reached sale numbers that other artists only dream of.


#5-good by and good riddance-juice wrld

No one has heard of juice wrld until a few months ago. He blew up overnight with hits like lucid dreams and all girls are the same. This album shows juice wrld at his greatest. His flow is like no other and no one can compare to the style that he is creating.

#4-Astroworld- Travis Scott

This album has been hyped up for years, and when it finally dropped it was worth the wait. Astroworld has done a lot for the culture, with sicko mode being the number one song this year. The production level of this album is top tier and we can tell he took his time on this album

#3-champions-meek mill

The message behind this album is the real reason meek mill landed the number three spot. His first album out of jail is extraordinary. He switches up his whole style and talks about prison reform and freedom instead of talking about fast cars and jewelry.

#2- Carter v- Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s the carter series have included some of the best music this decade. The carter v combined old style hip hop with new style rap. It has a perfect balance and something for everyone. Oh, and the Kendrick verse is amazing.

#1- Kod- J.cole

This album is by far the best album of 2018. KOD(kids on drugs) talks about the addiction of money, drugs, and fame. It talks about everything the hip-hop industry glorifies. He does it with style too, songs like “ATM” and “Kod” are both simple and complex if you listen to his message.