Denvers housing market issue


Last Thursday night, watching the news, I saw something that interested me. As we all know housing in Denver is expensive and hard to find. This program helps seniors, having a hard time living on their own, with young adults needing a place to live.

The average rent for a one bedroom apartment is 1,000 to 1,500 dollars monthly. This price is very high and not affordable for many people living in Denver. This home sharing program allows young adults to live for cheap and elderly to get the help that they need while being able to stay in their homes.

During this story, a woman who was not named, was living with a recent college graduate. The young woman was able to help the 98 year old in her daily life. She did tasks like cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping while playing minimal rent. She will be able to save and buy a house in a matter of years.

Not to mention the bond that the two women were able to form; connecting people of two different generations is beneficial. There is a lot that young people can learn from older generations wisdom and experiences. As young people, living in the age of technology, we can often become out of touch with what is really important.

I live in a neighborhood that has a lot of retired people living there as well. While there are things about my childhood that I may have missed out on, I learned a lot as well. On my block alone, there is a retired chemical engineer, a woman whose family helped found Denver, an extraordinary artist, and countless others who led and still lead remarkable lives.

When I was younger, in fourth or fifth grade, some mornings we would have coffee and pastries with the whole block. The adults would talk for hours but I would just sit and listen. Although I was only eight or nine and didn’t fully understand the significance of their stories, I liked to go to the coffee gatherings. This home sharing program allows more people to experience what I did growing up. There are somethings I missed out on, like playing with neighborhood kids, I also learned a lot about important things.