governor hickenlooper’s vist to south

December 18, 2018

On Thursday November 26, 2018, during advistment period, the freshman were called to the auditorium for an assembly. John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado,  came to talk to the freshman class about not vaping and juuling, with his against vape campaign, known as “No Vape November.” The governor launched his state’s campaign against vaping, he wanted to publicly inform schools, and teens about the prevention of vaping/juuling in teens. The governor in association brought his message loud and clear to South

The freshmen seemed to enjoy the assembly and were found chanting things like, “NO MORE VAPE TRICKS.” Vaping and juuling has become a large problem among high schoolers and even in middle school; the use of vape/juuls was 9.5 percent among 8th graders, 14.0 percent among sophomores, and 16.2 percent among seniors.

( from a 2016 survey ) the survey also shows that two times as many boys use vape/juuls then girls do.

There are many side effects from vaping, other than a nicotine addiction. You can get dry mouth, dehydration, “vape tongue” -a temporary loss of your taste buds or kinds of foods. There are many other side effects of vaping and juuling. If you have a lot of nicotine in your vape or juul it is very possible this could lead to nicotine poisoning, and then cancer.

“Coming to the assembly made me realize the dangers and consequences of vaping.” said Nathalia Sanchez, freshman at South High School when asked about what she learned from the assembly. Vaping is growing more and more popular with teenagers and high schools, “Basically everyone I know has either vapes or sells them” said Nathalia when I asked her how many people she knew vaped/juuled.

“He impacted my mindset on vaping a lot, I think he did a really good job explaining the dangers of it.” Said Olivia Martin, freshman at South, when I asked her how well the governor impacted her thoughts on vaping/juuling.

According to the other freshman I asked, the governor made an impactful mark on the freshman about vaping. If more students learn about the consequences of vaping/juuling hopefully more students will realize what they are getting themselves into.