Pro Tips for Finals Week


Adara Walker, Journalist

Finals week: often known as the most stressful time of high school. During the final week of the semester, teachers give a test or some sort of assessment that will evaluate the progress of the class over the past few months. These assessments will often cover all the material learned from day one up until the final day of class. This may seem stressful, but if you have the right notes and materials, finals week will be a breeze.

In the weeks leading up to finals, the majority of teachers will start prepping the class with worksheets and study guides filled material that will be on the final. Looking through these sheets you are given and making note of the material you feel less confident with is a great place to start your studying. By making these notes, you will know which sections will need to be studied more and which sections don’t need as much attention. There are many resources you can use to study the material you are given: Khan academy, old notes from class, and tutoring are just a few options.

Although finals week may seem scary and stressful, in reality finals are normally only worth ten percent of the overall grade. There are many other things that contribute to the end-of-semester grade, not just the final assessment. During the last few weeks of the semester most teachers will allow any missing or late work to be turned in or made up in order to boost your grade and and get it to be as high as possible before finals start and the semester ends. Getting all of your late or missing work in is highly recommended because not only will completing these assignments help with the preparation of finals, but it will also help boost your final grade.

If you are ever feeling stressed about finals, remember to take a deep breath. The semester is almost over, finals aren’t all that they are made up to be. If you have questions or concerns about finals week, your teachers or the team in the counseling office will be able to help.