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The best shows to watch over winter break

The best shows to watch over winter break

December 17, 2018

As we get closer to the end of the calendar year, and you have 3 weeks off from school you may find yourself bored with nothing to do. Not to worry; I’ve got your back with some shows you should be watching that you aren’t. These are my personal opinions and thoughts and not reflect the newspaper’s ideas as a whole. These titles will be on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and on regular TV as well.


The Gymkhana Files:

Amazon Prime Video

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, I recommend this show very highly; it does have to do with motorsport and cars. If this doesn’t interest you, don’t let that put you off it’s quite interesting and talks about one of the most intriguing youtube videos of all time. Fair warning this may want you to drift your car afterward, please don’t.



The late-night show with Jim Jeffries:

Comedy Central

The show airs every Tuesday night and is from a slightly liberal viewpoint; Jim(the host of the show) talks briefly about the week’s events. He then moves on to discuss bigger issues at hand,  one of the most common events that happen are when he goes for a ride around with police in different countries. The most famous one he goes to Amsterdam and smokes weed in front of the police as they allow him to do so. You can find the link to that video below, It’s one of the most interesting shows on tv and he brings up valid points with his Australian sense of humor



From the creators of the Simpsons comes a fictional story that takes place in medieval times it’s not school appropriate and does contain some strong language. But is pretty funny and the story is good at keeping you watching. The main characters are a gang of misfits being a princess, an elf and a demon. It’s a bit lighter and has a good sense of humor that isn’t just a cut and copy of the Simpsons.


Dirty Money:


This show is a documentary style on people and corporations and how have taken money wrongfully. It is longer but gives ideas about what is going on in the world and does help one to be more informed.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace:


This show on FX is a bit longer of a tv show but is super interesting because it shows the stages of Andrew Cunanan’s (The killer of Versace) life leading up to the point him being on the run and his reasoning. It’s a great binge watcher and will fill the winter break that can be boring when your friends are out of town and unavailable.


These shows are all great and can make the winter break a little more exciting once your friends are out of town and you’re stuck with family.  Have a great break rebels enjoy it, sleep and don’t work too hard.

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