Elite Review (You can change the language to English. Dubbed or Subbed)

Ericka Aguilar-Granados, Journalist

Recently, Netflix has released a new drama straight out of Spain called, “Elite.” With the string of popular shows being released like “The Haunting of Hill House,” and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, “Elite” may have been overlooked by some on Netflix. The show surprised me and viewers alike, digging deeper into issues that are prevalent in our society today, and striking cords with how dark the nature of the show actually is.

When the first trailer was released, I was very surprised to learn it was produced in another language. Besides me knowing it was produced with a language I could understand, I really didn’t think much of it. It looked like any other show that has already been released. But I was still happy to learn that the show discussed a lot of issues in society it being race, sexuality, social class issues, etc. Many of you will relate to at least one character on some sort of level making it more intriguing and easy to relate to. Even though I am someone who is very picky about things, I still decided to give this show a chance. I now know that “Elite” has its own light to shine.

The opening scene is filled with the a crime scene and shock shattered character named Samuel. Samuel is one of the many main characters such as his other companions who are working-class who were offered a spot to be able to attend to a exclusive private school in Spain. The moment these new students enter into this school there was an immediate clash between the rich and poor. This situation eventually lead to a murder making everyone a suspect. What made the show more interesting for me was the transition from the present to the past and really seeing how things escalated from the first day of school to the day to the murder. We see how each character was affected by the murder and how dark it got towards the end. What I will not do is say spoilers. I feel like given this description, it might intrigue many of you to give this show a chance. Having a mystery show is something many have seen with recent shows, but Elite had a way of discussing things and shining light in tough situations many you might have faced.

 To conclude this review, I would like to say that a show like that targets teens, it gives an ability to create a discussion about many issues that many of you may struggle with. I highly recommend you to give this show a chance. I did, I believe you should too.