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The Colorado Mid Term Elections

2018 is not a presidential election year however, there are many other races coming up at the federal, state, and local level. These include all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, one-third of all U.S. senators, thirty-six state governors, and many city mayors.

The House of Representatives for Colorado is made up of 65 members, there is one representative for every district. A district is made up of  75,000 people. Currently, the house is made up of 36 Democrats and 29 Republican seats. The polls are up 55.4% democrat to 44.6% Republican. Denver currently has 8 seats, occupied in full by Democrats. In the upcoming election, they will all be replaced after serving full terms.

Denver’s current Mayor, Michael Hancock will be in office until November 2019.

Our state governor will be ending his term next week. John Hickenlooper is our governor and has been in office since 2011. He was previously the mayor of Denver before being elected for governor. Colorado has four candidates currently running: Democrat Jared Polis, Republican Walker Stapleton, Bill Hammons, member of the Unity party of Colorado, and Scott Helker, a libertarian.

Here are a few key things to know about the main candidate’s plans for Colorado:

Jared Polis

Health Care:

Polis is all for a government mandated health care. “… I believe passionately in universal health care, and I always will.” He would like to see affordable health care for all, however, recognizes that it may not be possible from the state level.


Polis is pushing for four day school week and more public preschools and kindergartens. He is wanting there to be higher taxes to improve these schools.

Donald Trump:

Polis voted to open impeachment proceedings against Trump in December. It is fair to say that he is not a supporter.

Walker Stapleton

Health Care:

Stapleton is against government run programs and believes that “The state of Colorado has no ability whatsoever to execute on a state-run system.”


One of Stapleton’s main concerns about the school system is the allocation of money. He believes that administration of schools receives too much money and that it should be mainly given to teacher salaries and school funding.

Donald Trump:

Stapleton is neither for or against Trump. He stands very differently on many main issues.


Voter Information:

-Polls close at 9:00 pm on Tuesday, November 6th.

-You can vote at any rec center, most government institutions like museums and the botanical gardens, as well as many churches and libraries.

Although many South students are not old enough to vote it is still vital to educate yourself about things that impact our state, city, and families.