National Coming Out Day at South High

Adara Walker, Journalist

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Ever since 1988, October 11th has been a very significant day for the LGBTQ community. National coming out day is an annual LGBTQ awareness day celebrated in America and some other parts of the world. This holiday was founded by Robert Eichsberg and Jean O’Leary one year after the second National March on Washington for gay and lesbian rights on October 11th,  1987. This day is very important to the LGBTQ community because “Coming out is a very hard but important thing to do,” Johnny Hultzapple, a senior here at South says. “It is important to celebrate the LGBTQ people who have come out before us.”


On Thursday, October 11th, South’s  GSA (gay straight alliance) club hosted a special event during lunch in order to celebrate this day. During this event, there were teachers who were invited to share their coming out stories with the group. After the teachers had shared their stories, the floor was opened up to any students that had anything to say. “It’s important that we have a GSA so we can support the LGBTQ community and to have a place where we can show our pride openly and together.” Mr. Craig, an English teacher in the building explains. Having a safe place for people to be themselves is very important because coming out can be a very difficult process for some people. By having a GSA, people are able to feel safe and included no matter their sexuality


Celebrating national coming out day is a very beneficial way to show people who may still be in the process or have something holding them back to understand that it will be okay. Having a support system while coming out is a very important thing to do and South’s GSA will give you all the support you will need. If you are interested in joining this club, they meet every Thursday at lunch in room 203. For any questions,comments, or concerns you still may have, you can find Mr. Craig, The GSA leader in room 203 or in the next door teacher’s lounge, room 202.