Denver Nuggets season preview

Henry Mammel, Journalist

April 11, 2018, the Denver Nuggets play regular season game #82, the final one at the Minnesota Timberwolves. The game decides who gets the #8 seed and final western conference playoff spot. The Nuggets force overtime but lose the game and their spot in the playoffs. Flash forward to this offseason: the Nuggets sign veteran point guard Isaiah Tomas and take the highly rated Michael Porter Jr. with the #14 pick in the draft. The offseason moves are the hope that the team will make the playoffs for the first time since the 2012/13 season.
Nuggets at Wizards 3/23/18

In the 2016/17 NBA season, Isaiah Tomas finished 5th in MVP voting and helped the Boston Celtics make the Eastern Conference finals. Tomas did miss most of the Conference Finals after a hip surgery. Tomas struggled to recover last season after being traded to the Cleaveland Cavaliers, he was then traded again at the trade deadline the Los Angeles Lakers. Tomas will be on the sidelines for the first couple of weeks of the NBA season as his hip has been bothering him but he should be back soon.

Michael Porter Jr. missed most of his year at Missouri with a back injury but impressed in the few games he played. He is rated very highly by many NBA analysts and many agree he only fell to the Nuggets as a result of his injury. They got him with the 14th pick in the NBA draft and hope that he can be the building piece that is needed to help the team. Porter told ESPN in August that he felt pain-free.

The Nuggets are destined for a great season and many hope that this team is capable of getting to the playoffs. While a deep run in the playoffs may seem out of the question as the Western conference is very strong. That’s not stopping the Nuggets though as they got off to a 4 and 0 start to the season and eye the playoffs. Many are starting to say that the Nuggets are the team to beat the Warriors. The Warriors are the 2 times defending NBA champions and have one of the best starting lineups in the history of the NBA.