Escape Rooms – A Fun Alternative to Haunted Houses

October 24, 2018

For those who cower at the prospect of haunted houses, escape rooms may be the less scary alternative. A group of newspaper students and I here at South decided to venture beyond the confines of the classroom and experience an escape room for ourselves in the name of the beloved month of scares.

Most of our small group had never experienced an escape room, and never really experienced haunted houses either due to all the unnecessary jump scares. But then again, that is the point of going to haunted houses. Diving head first into this experience, we were equally as excited as well as intrigued. Even Jocelyn, the only one who really had an experience in one beforehand, didn’t know what to expect. Every escape room is different; not only are there different themes, but different plots and story lines that captivate you – making it far more than just an escape room, but an experience.

About every escape gives you about an hour to escape the room. Which means you given time to think and process the clues that are given to you. When you are actually in the escape room, you are given your first clue and decide how you are going to go about it. Throughout your whole experience, people who operate the escape give you a hints if you are stuck, they are your helping hand. They want you to succeed. At times me and my group weren’t sure what to do, and stayed stuck for about 10 min. This whole process is made to be challenging, but not too difficult for you to figure your way out.  Given its theme, there are times where you get spooked. Me and the rest of our group which includes, Abby, Miriam, and Jocelyn, went to a puppet theater escape room. The room was filled with old puppets and the smell of popcorn. Even though at times we were pretty scared, it was a enjoyable time.

If you are debating of whether or not you should go to a haunted house, I deeply recommend to go to an escape room with friends or family. (It’s even a good date idea, too). If you’re interested in going to an escape room, there is one located at Southwest Plaza in Littleton. You can make an appointment online on their page by going to:

With the month of October coming to an end, I guarantee that you’ll find escape rooms just as spooky and as fun to pass the time as a haunted house.