Interview with South’s New Choir teacher, Mrs. Patterson

Maddie Bishop, Journalist

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  • Why did you come to South?

Working at South High has always been a DREAM of mine! I used to joke about “holding out for the South High job”, never thinking it would actually happen! When I first heard about the job opening (THANK YOU, MR. DEMERS!) I knew I HAD to apply and pursue this dream!

  • Have you always wanted to teach?

I always knew I would be a musician/performer, but when I was in college I decided to add the Education degree so I could make some money and pay my bills. (I know, I know.) It wasn’t until I actually started teaching that I realized how much I truly loved teaching and that it felt like my purpose in life.

  • Is there anything you would change at south?

Hmmmm. We have such an incredible school culture here and our students are truly some of the most incredible people I’ve ever worked with! I am excited about the changes that we are making in our choir program and am looking forward to it becoming one of the best programs in all of Colorado!

  • Have you always lived in Denver?

Nope! I was born in California and grew up in Florida. I moved to Boulder, CO for college and the rest is history!

  • What inspired you to teach choir?

I love singing. I love knowing  how the voice works and all of the little tricks and techniques that we can do to make our singing even better. There are so many wonderful things about being in a choir and making music with groups of people. I wanted to be able to bring that into schools and allow students to experience the beauty, memories, and friendships that can come from being in choir!

  • What job would you be terrible at?

Football player.

  • What’s your favorite part about teaching choir?

THE STUDENTS!! I love watching them trust their voices, take risks, and encourage/accept others in a way that we don’t always see.

  • What’s your least favorite part about teaching?

Telling students when they don’t make it into certain shows or events after auditions.

  • Would you rather work with different age kids?

NO! Been there, done that, no thank you.

  • What’s your favorite quote?

“Music does bring people together.

It allows us to experience the same emotions.

People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit.

No matter what language we speak, what color we are,

the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith,

music proves: We are the same.”

-John Denver