D Souths Hoco Rap Up

Miki Rosenberg, Journalist

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South’s homecoming this year was on September 29th, 2018. The homecoming week was filled with fun activities and lots of spirit. Throughout the week we also had lots of reminders, especially about buying your tickets. To be able to go, you had to make sure you bought a ticket and got it scanned with your ID number. If you wanted to get into the dance on Saturday, you had to stand in line for quite a while. Your ticket had to be scanned and the name had to match your name. This may have caused some frustration. “I had to wait in line for a long time just to go to the dance for twenty minutes because it got boring,” said Sophomore Tara Masaraco.

However, once you were in it was a pretty cool set up. Colorful lights lit up the courtyard and the DJ killed in on the roof. Felicia Winfrey said, “I really enjoyed the theme and thought the decorations looked nice, the DJ did a great job.” If you wanted to dance, well it was a bit complicated. South is no small school, so you can imagine a lot of people thinking it’s a good idea to dance is one small confined space might not be that good after all. This consisted of getting elbowed every once in a while and holding on for dear life when an extra catchy song came on.  It was a good time as long as you made sure you had someone or something to hold onto. Sophomore Abby Mullaney thought “dancing in the middle was tons of fun.”

If outside dancing was too much for you, inside it was a whole other party. Ping pong, jenga, photo booth it was all there. Also, if you needed something to energize you after all that dancing, there was lemonade, water, and even some snacks. The dance started at eight and ended at eleven which gave everyone a chance to stop by.  There were plenty of teachers there in case you needed anything, which was great for the students. Overall, Homecoming was a very organized event that gave people the opportunity to be with friends and have some fun.