South Alumni Phillip Lindsey Makes his NFL Debut


Broncos at Redskins 8/24/18

Nathan Scheibel, Journalist

South alumni Phillip Lindsey had a dominant preseason and first two weeks in the NFL. As a undrafted free agent phillip had to work harder than everyone else to get a spot on the broncos 53 man roster. By the third preseason game Lindsey secured a spot on the roster and he was ready to prove anyone who doubted him wrong l. In the preseason he averaged 5.4 yards a carry which is very impressive in the NFL. After doing that Lindsey was still placed as the third running back on the roster but his first two games in the regular season he set to be the number one running back for the broncos by the end of the season.

In the first game of the regular season against the Seahawks Phillip Lindsey ran for over a hundred yards and a receiving touchdown. He is the first ever undrafted free agent to run for over a 100 yards in his debut game in the NFL. In the post game interview Phillip said that he didn’t care about stats. All he cares about is if his team gets the the win, and they did.

In the second game of the regular season against the raiders Phillip had his second game with 100 plus bards. His longest yard for 53 yards was the longest in the season so far. It was also the longest run of last season by 13 yards. He is up for two awards this week for his accolades on his field as a rookie.

Lindsey has been doubted his whole life, but when he was at south he proved them wrong and broke almost all the DPS records in only 3 years. No one thought he would make it in college but he dominated in his four years at Colorado University. Everyone in Denver has the same feeling of him playing in the pros, he will do great in the NFL.