A Denver Doozy


Adara Walker, Journalist

From food, craft beer, and music, to yoga, art, and the spectacular outdoors, Colorado has it all. On September 14th-16th at Overland Park Golf course, Denver hosted its very own music festival called Grandoozy. At this festival, you are able to experience all the glories of this magnificent State in one place.  Grandoozy is an inaugural three-day music festival headlining Kendrick Lamar(Friday), Florence + the Machine(Saturday), and Stevie Wonder(Sunday). At this first-time festival, you are able to explore all the wonders of Colorado through different experiences such as ‘Devour Denver’ or ‘The Backyard,’ where you learn about different local foods or celebrate the love of the great outdoors.

Since the announcement of the festival in March, there have been many concerns that have been addressed. Residents in the Park Hill neighborhood and surrounding, nearby neighborhoods have had many concerns about traffic, intoxication, and the potential damages brought to their beloved 113-year-old park “Everybody has concerns because it’s a first time event.” Hina Chowardy, a resident who lives near the golf course says in a Denver Post article. “Just like any festival, everybody has to have common sense. You can only do your best to police a crowd. Things happen in any venue where there’s music, drinking and drugs.” Due to the fact that the park is right in between Santa Fe Dr. and Platte River Dr, the safety of pedestrians may be an issue.

After hearing the concerns of the residents, The Grandoozy team has been given some guidelines in order to make the festival hectic as least possible:  There was a 24/7 hotline residents were able to call with any questions or concerns they may have had about the festival, and due to the fact that there was no parking at Overland Park or in nearby neighborhoods, Grandoozy was required to provide transportation to and from the festival, including designated pick up and drop off spots for uber and lyft, a bike valet and an RTD shuttle to transport people to and from the park. With an estimate of 30-40,000 people attending the festival each day, traffic was expected be horrendous. But fear not, the Grandoozy team had teamed up with the Denver Police department to create evacuation and traffic control plans. Although they did not release how many officers and security guards will be working the festival, they were able to assure that it would  be “more than adequate” for the amount of people attending Grandoozy.