California Wildfires Rage


Shawn Cahill


Henry Mammel, Journalist

In California, wildfires continue to rage. as the two main Fires,  the Carr Fire and the Mendicino Complex Fire which consist of the River Fire and the Ranch Fire. Another fire that is still burning very strong is the Delta Fire. As of Sunday,September 9th,the Delta Fire was only 5% contained and more than 40,900 acres are burned. The Complex fire is the largest complex fire (A complex fire is when 2 or more fires combine to form a complex fire) in California’s history. Both fires have burned 460,000 acres of land combined, and are 98% contained at the time of writing.

The worry isn’t over now that the fires are contained as the worst fires in California’s history are historically after September 1st. Hopefully, the severity of this fire season is enough to shy people away from the forest’s as there is a fire ban for most of the country. That being said human error is always at play. According to the National Park service, up to 90% of forest fires are caused by humans.

The Carr Fire burned almost 230,000 acres before it was 100% contained on August 30th. It racked up $788 million as a result of the blaze, but that figure is sure to claim as more claims are filed and sorted. The start of the fire came from mechanical failure from the start of a car. The fire went on for a month after it started on July 23. It started quickly and built to a large fire before long thanks to the wind and sharp terrain.

The  Mendocino fire complex started on July 27th and was 98% contained as of September 11th and the fire will hopefully be extinguished shortly. The fire was the largest fire ever in California burning over 410,000 acres of land. The cause of these fires is still unknown and will be for some time as both fires need to be contained in order to get a good look at the causes. The fire has destroyed 280 buildings and damaged 37 others.

The fires have killed 9 people in total: 6 firefighters and 3 civilians. The Carr fire is responsible for 8 of these including all of the civilian deaths. The Carr fire, while being the smaller of the fires has destroyed more buildings and claimed more lives than the Mendocino. Bot fires have caused damage beyond belief exceeding $845 million to date and will grow when more claims are filed.

To help firefighters and others that fight may need help after the fires this year you may go to There is a California based organization that helps the families of fallen firefighters. Another great way to spend your time/money would be to give to the Red Cross or The Salvation Army as they help those harmed by fires and can use any volunteering they get.