Seniors are Leaving :(

May 21, 2018

Dear Navi

I am sad. And this is not a typical heartbreak. No one dumped me. No one died. But it feels like both. The seniors- they are leaving. All my friends are leaving and i’m so sad. Im so lonely and so sad. Its awful. It’s a ticking time bomb placed on my heart. I have so many great memories, and i worry i wont be able to make more. These are my people, my homies, my dawgs. Without them, i am NOTHING. What to do now? I want to enjoy the last few months with them, but i can’t stop thinking of the end. Should i end my friendships now?

From, Bereaved junior.


Hello Bereaved Junior

I am sorry for your impending loss. This is very sad. Losing a friend is like losing a loved one and breaking up with someone. There is bound to be sadness. However, all is not lost. When i was a wee gator, i wasn’t able to communicate with my pals after we branched from the home swamp. It was very sad. But you new millennial gators have Nokias and AOLs to communicate with your friends, not to mention social media like myspace. It is all the time- you are able to at any time hit up your highschool pals. You guys will hopefully still be able to stay close. Additionally, if they go in state, you guys can visit each other! You might have to scale back the time you see them, but change is the only constant in life. Being able to take change like this and roll with the punches is a necessity in life.

I do understand where you are coming from. I cherish my senior friends. What else is there to do other than cry. And trust me they are not crocodile tears. Screw crocs. Not the shoes (the most fashionable shoes that has ever been or ever will be made). But again, keep in touch and cherish the memories.

From, Navi


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