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Ken[suck]y Derby

May 21, 2018

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Ken[suck]y Derby

The Kentucky Derby is stupid. Horse racing in general is stupid. Dog fighting is illegal so where do we draw the line? Betting on an animal is cruel and gives satisfaction to people after they commit acts of cruelty. It’s also a slippery slope: the more you gamble, the more likely you are to develop a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety.

I don’t believe in horse racing and I think it draws comparisons to other sports that are cruel. People devote their lives to this cruel “sport” where it’s acceptable to hit a horse to make it run faster. According to the sport’s governing body, under 1% of racing horses die a year as a result of the stress that is put on them. But that’s still 100 horses a year, and by my standards, that’s still 100 too many.

That brings me to another point, it’s not even mildly interesting, starting with doing a poor job of getting you pumped up for the race. They walk the horses around a track for 10 minutes and talk about the betting odds before the horses run in a circle for about 3 minutes.

This year’s race, the pre-race events started at 12:30 PM with the actual race scheduled to start at 4:36. However, the race was delayed and didn’t start until 4:46. That’s 4 hours and 16 minutes of talking about odds for 3 minutes of racing.

The women at the start of the race said that the race were the, “two most exciting minutes in sports”. I disagree, I’d go so far as to say it’s the two stupidest minutes in sports. The race was okay and the mud made for some interesting strategies and funny photos. They include the horses and jockeys covered in mud after the spit up from other horses.

The Kentucky Derby might be the least interesting thing in sports, and yet millions of people watch it every year.

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