Science Teacher Shakeup

May 18, 2018

The science teacher’s switch positions every few years it seems. They are multi talented, able to teach different classes from different science disciplines. Mr. Nichols can teach Chemistry, Bio, Physics, and Calculus. Mr Aubin can teach Chem and Bio. Ms Merewether and Mr Mack can teach various classes as well. The science department is diverse, with multiple female physical science teachers along with teachers able to teach multiple subjects. The reason for this, as Mr. Mack stated, is to provide flexibility in scheduling. When there a surfeit of students signing up for one class, instead of turning students down, the science department can allocate teachers from one class to another. This lateral freedom opens up many options.

One notable switch next year is the transition from Mr. Nichols to Mr. Aubin in AP Chem. Mr Nichols has been the sole teacher of AP Chem at Denver South High School for the past 14 years. He produces great results on the AP test, and is an all around great teacher. However, Mr Nichols is retiring in 3 years. In 3 years time, he won’t be teaching AP Chem. Since he has taught AP chem for so long, South High School would like to integrate a new teacher, with Nichols help, before his departure. For this reason, Mr Aubin will be teaching AP Chem next year. Mr Nichols will help Mr Aubin in his transition, and in 3 years times, hopefully Mr Aubin will be independently, and with great success, teaching AP Chem.

One of the biggest changes will be with Ms Merewether. Ms Merewether has been a favorite of students during her tenure. Unfortunately, Merewether will be leaving South after this year- she is teaching in China for two years. She is very excited for this new chapter. Her students lauded the physics teacher for her passion and humor. To many, she was the perfect teacher. The likes of Clare Padrick, Lindsey Hammar, and Abbie Sigman (all students of Ms. Merewether) wanted to thank Mrs. Merewether for bringing joy to their lives, for being a constant source of support, and finally for rocking the fanny pack.

The science teacher will look different next year, that much is clear. Several specific classes and teacher pairings are not yet cemented, but given Merewether’s departure, there is going to be retooling in the department. What is important to remember is that all science teachers are good teachers. No need to worry about different teachers, and no need to switch classes just because your preferred teacher isn’t teaching it next year.

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