Art is All Around Us

April 25, 2018


Within the next few weeks, Ms. Ortiz’s photography classes will be putting up art installation projects around the school. This is the first year this will be happening and the projects will display topics of the student’s choice which will be shown through 3D art pieces. The students and staff of the school will be able to interact with these art pieces, however, we ask that you are respectful of the hard work that the students put into creating these pieces.

Over the past few weeks, the photography students have been planning their projects and how they are going to display them to the student body. Many projects are constructed around issues that people see such as self confidence and education. Freshman Lily Kerlin is focusing her project on education and how it’s abused in this country. To display this issue, she is going to compare and contrast images of students in our school to students in other countries. To Kerlin, it is important for people to realize the importance of education and the risks people take in other countries to have the opportunities we have here in America. Marie Howard, A junior here at South, is focusing her project on self confidence. Howard is taking portraits of people and having them write negative things that they think about themselves or things that people have said about them. Next to these negative thoughts, there will be positive things that people think about the subjects of the photos. “Society always has something mean to say, focusing on the positives help people with their self confidence,” Howard says. Many more important topics close to the artist’s heart will be displayed over the next few weeks as well.

Ms. Ortiz, one of the photography teachers, and the brains behind this project, is very excited to see what the students will produce. She shared, “I’m most excited to see the ‘art bomb’ around the school, I think it will beautify the school and improve moral.” Although this project will be very exciting for the whole school, Ortiz is worried that not everybody will respect the art and some student’s pieces will potentially be damaged. Over her years of teaching, Ms. Ortiz has done this project multiple times and feels as if it is one of the only projects that students really enjoy and go all out on. “I hope that students will learn that there is more than one way to speak up for what you believe in and you can use photos if words aren’t enough,” she stated.

From April 25th to May 18th, there will be an art show happening here at South featuring pieces from current students as well as the photo instillation pieces. On the final day, there will be an all day dance festival and senior projects will be displayed. Be sure to come out and support your fellow students and see the amazing art projects that will be going up around the school!

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