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PSA: Why You Should Attend Culture Fest

April 19, 2018

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PSA: Why You Should Attend Culture Fest

 On April 20,2018 all students at South High School will be hosting its annual Culture Fest. Culture Fest is a time to learn about different cultures in a very interesting and fun way, and students should attend.

Many students and staff have been working on Culture Fest for a few months now, and they are ready to put on a show of all of the different cultures that make up the South High community. However, there are other events- the Walk-Out for the Columbine High School Shooting that occurred in 1999, people are protesting gun violence, and a few other reasons- occurring April 20 that conflict with attending Culture Fest. Dedication, time, and effort was put into this annual event for the students at South High, it would be much appreciated-despite the importance of protesting- if students would take a moment of their time toward being present for Culture Fest.

Reasons why you should attend Culture Fest:

  • Free food and the tasting of new foods
  • The chance to learn about new cultures
  • Using your time in a productive way
  • Not many students from other high schools have the opportunity to experience such a fest.
  • It’s a good way to start off the weekend
  • You can attend Culture Fest and possibly still go protest or do other things

Students should utilize this day wisely and enjoy the opportunity to learn about other people and their culture. Students should be excited for this Friday, given all of the events that they can participate in, including Culture Fest. Don’t miss out Rebels


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